Hiromi Miura

Born in Sendai, inspired by the works of Misao Yokoyama and Matazo Kayama, decided to pursue the vocation in the Department of Japanese Art at Tama University of Art where they were teaching. Attracted by suiboku-ga (Chinese ink painting) from the early days, initially painted women nudes in this medium. Began series of painting flowers in 1997. Free of any club or society, has been holding number of mainly solo exhibitions at galleries and established department stores including Tokyo Central Art Annex Gallery, Ginza Renga Gallery, and Shinseido.

"The bud of the brush blooms"

Manuscript of hitsurai-bokka

Hitsurai-bokka (筆蕾墨華)

An ink brush, its form a flower bud
is waiting for the moment
to be sunk in sumi ink.
The brush tip swollen with sumi
settles on the silk and
spreads into a bud.
The heart and hand of the painter
with the brush tip embracing the sumi
nurtures the seedlings of images
cultured in the field of silk.
And in time
flourishes in the garden of flowers.
The bud of the brush,
sumi blooms
into flowers.

Nagahiro Kinoshita Translated by Katsumi