Being gorgeousEmergence of <i>tennyo</i>, or angels, in contemporary fashionTo cherishRed-and-white <i>botan</i> flowers (<i>Paeonia suffruticosa</i>)<i>Sasa</i>, or bamboo grass, is said to bloom only once in every sixty years to a century.  <i>Kanreki</i> (還暦), a term derived from the Chinese sexagenary cycle, is often used for the anniversary of 60th birthday in Japan, to which the title of this image of <b>sasa flowers</b> is attributed.  <i>Kawadzu-zakura</i> (Cherry blossom)Germinal Fear VIThe left counterpart of a pair of folding screens.  LILYA thin robe IIIA cat and a flowerGladiolusA sister work of "<a href="" class="internal">Emergence of <i>tennyo</i> (celestial maidens)</a>", drawn after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011, which also hit the hometown of the author.  The image depicts <i>tennyo</i>, or angels, with different backgrounds around the world holding flowers of hope.  AngeliqueThe valley of soaring flowers of hope<i>Botan</i> flower (<i>Paeonia suffruticosa</i>)Orchid cactuslilyRosesThe right counterpart of a pair of folding screens.  Tremor of WingsAn red-and-white attired camelliaOrchidsA flower<i>Botan</i> flower (<i>Paeonia suffruticosa</i>)